[EN] It is the Mix of Curated and Self-Created Content which makes the Success.


Creating and publishing high-quality content consistently and at the appropriate cadence isn’t easy. It’s expensive, time-consuming and labor intensive – not something you’re going to turn over to an intern to handle. Ideally, your brand’s subject matter experts create the content. After all, their expert knowledge is what’s going to position your brand as the preeminent thought leader in your industry, right?

via The Business Case for Content Curation | Social Media Today.

TRUE! BUT … Then you need to give your Subject Matter Experts the time to write up Quality Content. And you need to help and coach them. Not every SME is a born Hemingway …

Chad Pollitt promotes in his article the value of Content Curation. As the regular readers of my blog know, I am a great fan of Content Curation. Content Curation and your own High Quality Content Creation should work hand in hand…

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