WordPress.com by the Numbers: The January Hot List

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First off, welcome to the 1,321,980 new sites and blogs that decided to fly with WordPress.com this month! We’re glad to have you aboard, and beverage service will begin shortly.

Wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into? Here are some January highlights:

Taking the 35,000-foot view

All across WordPress.com, your blogs racked up over four billion pageviews, representing 9,510,203,530,649,226 bytes of data.

(If that number is too big to make much sense, think of it this way: that’s a whole lot of bytes — 1.3MB for every single person on the planet.)

Those bytes represent the 39,705,625 posts you published this month. You shared 15,711,317 with your Publicize connections, and we featured 190 of them on Freshly Pressed, which intrigued you enough to click on them 174,650 times.

You were equally forthcoming with your feedback, leaving 49,931,074 comments on those posts. Something was in the air on January 22nd, your most prolific…

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