Connection, cities, and being an effective ‚jigsaw piece‘

Rosie Watson

1 month of the New Story Run is complete! A solid 630km – not a huge distance, but exactly as planned for taking it steady.

This post is a culmination of ’snapshots‘ from people over two cities. I hope it makes sense – it was also written over at least 10 benches /locations! But it has an important end message that involves YOU!

On my (25th) birthday, 5th September, I ran into Nijmegen to meet Michiel Hustinx. Michiel had helped lead the campaign to win the title of Europe’s Green City in 2018.


Michiel: „For a small city like Nijmegen it took a few attempts; we had to get our name out there – most had never heard of us! But it was always about the people for us – you can’t just communicate with numbers, it’s about connecting to people and showing our personality, who we are as a…

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