Chatbots als digitale Agenten in allen Lebenslagen #HRFestival #StudioZ #rp18

Making of ... IBM HR Festival

Chatbots lösen nicht nur alltägliche Fragen, sondern werden in Zukunft auch intelligente und längere Gespräche führen können. Sie werden uns bei vielen weiteren Fragen unterstützen, von der Kaufentscheidung (Welches Auto soll ich kaufen? 125 weitere Wörter

über Werden Chatbots Dein Leben navigieren? Ausblick auf die #rp18, das #HRFestival und #StudioZ mit dem KI-Erklärer Stefan Holtel von PWC —  CIO Kurator 

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  1. KW knows that real estate agents have been leaving their company in droves the past several years because their model doesn“t work anymore. What they are now trying to do with this is to tie“ these agents to KW for life by having ALL the data for their clients in one place.even if they left KW. That client the agent brought into KW belongs to KW. That monthly market center fee and the $18K per year cap KW Charges doesn“t work as much now when there are other real estate firms out there offering less and just as much value. My preferred lenders, insurance agents, closing attorneys etc., definitely take care of all my clients and I trust them to do whats best for them, Fiduciary responsibility, just like I do. I work my commission to help my clients, not a franchise. Ultimately, the biggest investment in most peoples lives will be their homes and is not something that will be done by all online. It still needs that personal one on one with agents. I know the industry is changing and people want a Bundle package but we have been doing that for years working with our partners in the industry. The Zillows and RedFins and Open Doors, etc are the enemies in this market and I think Gary Keller is making a mistake in attacking our partners in the real estate business. I“m on the edge of my seat waiting to see the outcome of all this!!

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